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The Easton Mako bat has been the most popular bat in Quinns Pony and Colt leagues. Everybody wants to borrow it.  It has great balance and pop.  Quinn is a contact hitter, so the Mako is right for him.  A power hitter will probably want the Mako beast.

This is a 2016 model.  The 2017 model is the Mako Beast.  Early reviews suggest the bat also has great pop, but is a little heavier swing weight and might be more suited to a power hitter.

All that said, if you can get a new Easton Mako 2015 model (white and orange below), go for that. By far and away the most popular bat tha tI have seen in the last 5 years of coaching youth baseball. It seems to have a lighter, better feel for the younger player.

This bat complies with the BBCOR -3 standard.

In case you were wondering, there is a new USA Bat rule.  That rule affects Tee Ball, Minor Division, Major Division, Intermediate (50/70) Baseball, and the Junior Baseball divisions in all regions and countries will use the USABat Standard.  The Senior League Baseball Division (and up) in all regions and countries will continue to be governed by the BBCOR bat standard.


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