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These are the top video game picks for Teen Boys 14-19. Pick any of these and you can’t go wrong.  We have a ton of games;  these are the ones they play the most.

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Rocket League

At first I thought this was odd – Demolition Derby Soccer.  That view quickly changed when I saw how much fun it was.  By far the most gaming time spent with this game.  My son joins up with 1-2 friends and they play other teams.  I highly recommend this non-violent game.  Note Amazon fulfillment is currently out of stock.  The link on the XBOX on the right is a more expensive supplier.  Totally worth it at $60-90.  Check this link first. to see if Amazon has it back in stock.    

This first section of games are the games without violence.






Madden NFL 18 


NBA 2K18 


Forza Motorsport 6

Note:  Version 6 is one generation back and what we have.  There are too many negative reviews on version 7 to recommend  that game.

   Click here for a list of PS4 Driving Games

These games have more mature ratings. They are sometimes known as first person shooter games.




Call of Duty WWII


Overwatch – Game of the Year Edition


Assassins Creed – Origins


Grand Theft Auto V


Call Of Duty – Infinite Warfare


Call of Duty – Black Ops III


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