Cool Christmas Gifts for Teens

Having some trouble deciding Christmas gift for the teen boy or girl on  list?   Here are some Cool Christmas Gifts for Teens that can help.  As teens become men and women, sometimes it can be difficult to pick out a give they will truly enjoy.  Not to worry, the gifts on this list were picked by teens to help mom, dad, aunts and uncles find the right gift.

Lets just get to it shall we?

Capture the Adventure

The GoPro Hero waterproof action camera

For the teen adventurer on your gift list, this GoPro Hero video camera is the perfect gift.  HERO makes it easy to capture and share your world. Featuring high-quality 1080p30 and 720p60 video, HERO captures the same immersive footage that’s made GoPro one of the best-selling cameras in the world.

Cool Christmas Gifts for Teens

Rugged by design

The HERO camera is built directly into a rugged housing that’s waterproof to 131 feet (40 meter). It’s designed to withstand dirt, sand, water and nearly anything else you can throw at it.

Small + lightweight

Weighing just 3.9 ounces, HERO is super small, ultra-portable and perfect for low-profile mounting. Its compact design means you can comfortably wear it or mount it to your gear as you capture your favorite activities.

Prices start at about $130.  The entry level camera should be just fine.   The high end is $500.  You will probably want to get the head strap camera mount and a case, which is an additional $20-$30.

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Beats by Dr. DrCool Christmas Gifts for Teense

Award Winning Cool for the teen music lover

The coolest of cool, these headphones deliver premium playback with fine-tuned acoustics that maximize clarity, breadth, and balance. The comfort-cushion ear cups buffer outside noise for immersive sound so you can experience music the way it was meant to be heard.

A note, there is definitely a cool and a style factor in play for the teen boy or girl.  No doubt these are very high quality headphones and you cannot go wrong.  Note that the stylish metallic colors do come at a premium.  If want to shop around, you can get the basic black for $50-$70 less.  Its a gift, and if it is for teen girl, she will no doubt appreciate the style.  I will say however, that my teen son Quinn (15) has the gold ones, and when we discussed the black, he felt pretty strongly about the color.

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If the person you are buying for is past the need to be cool stage, they might prefer a Bose product instead.

Cool Christmas Gifts for Teens

Check out the Bose SoundLink On-Ear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones here.

Or an upgrade to the Bose Wireless Noise cancelling headphones, particularly if the person travels a lot.  The quiet offered by these headphones allows more rest and relaxation on the trip.

I would say that if the gift is for someone college age or less, go with Dr. Dre.  If older, Bose.  Either way, you cannot go wrong with these very high-quality headphones.


Always Ready 

The Leatherman – Charge ALX Multi-Tool, Stainless Steel with Leather SheathCool Christmas Gifts for Teens

For the teen that is the outdoor adventurer.   This was my son Haydon’s (17) pick.  Haydon the stage manager and is very active in building the sets in school plays, and is a journeyman artist at the Mobile Sculpture Workshop.  This is the perfect tool to carry around.

Leatherman was created with one goal in mind, to improve people’s lives by preparing them for the expected and unexpected.   Leatherman is committed to staying local, and is proud to support U.S. workers who are dedicated to the quality craftsmanship that goes into each of our original American multi-tools.

FEATURING 18 TOOLS: Needle nose pliers, regular pliers, hard-wire cutters, wire cutters, crimper, wire stripper, 154CM knife, 420HC serrated knife, saw, cutting hook, ruler, can opener, bottle opener, wood/metal file, diamond-coated file, 2 large bit drivers, and a small bit driver.

While this might at first appear to be a good gift for an older teen boy, if the teen girl on your list likes camping and outdoors, or is like Haydon’s friend Sara who is assistant stage manager/and does much of the tech work, she would love it.

The Leatherman Charge ranges from $140 – $180.  If that is too much for your budget, there are less expensive models starting at $40.

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Take the party anywhere

Cool Christmas Gifts for Teenswith this Bluetooth wireless waterproof JBL Speaker.  

The JBL Charge 3 is the ultimate, high-powered portable Bluetooth speaker with powerful stereo sound and a power bank all in one package.

Teen Boys and Girls have all of their music on their smart phone.  This speaker pairs with the smartphone nicely, to have their favorite music anywhere they go.


The Charge 3 takes the party everywhere, poolside or in the rain, thanks to the waterproof design, durable fabric and rugged housing. Its high-capacity 6,000mAh battery provides 20 hours of playtime and can charge your smartphones and tablets via its USB output. A built-in noise and echo-cancelling speakerphone gives you crystal clear calls with the press of a button. Wirelessly link multiple JBL Connect-enabled speakers to amplify the listening experience.

The JBL Charge 3 ranges from $140-$150.  You can pick up the Charge 2 for around $80.

Click here to Read More about the JBL Charge

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