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Part of gaming is where and how you sit.  It is an important factor when you are sitting for an extended period of time.  At some point  you will want to consider buying a Gaming Chair for the teen gamer(s) in the home.  This article is not meant to be a comprehensive review, rather some thoughts on practical things to consider, and a couple of game chair ideas.

You can spend a lot of money on a gaming chair.  You can spend a little money, and probably you will regret it.  I have seen a number of articles and blogs, that will recommend a lower price chair.  That’s fine as long as you have very light use, or can tolerate a relatively short lifespan.   The chairs below are in the mid-range of price for a gaming chair..  Each of the chairs in the article below have 80% or greater positive reviews.

So with that here we go…

Quality of the Gaming Chair Really Matters

Gaming chairs are used roughly, more roughly than you might originally think.   I have been in the next room when my teen son was playing, and I swear it sounds like a herd of buffalo.  One time I thought that he fell off the chair.  When I checked on him, he looked at me funny, like   “what’s up with you Dad?” followed by that please go away look.

This means that you need to think about the quality of the chair, and what you can live with in terms of issues and lifespan.

If you think you are getting a chair like you have in the office, you will need to adjust your thinking. Office chairs are ridiculously expensive.  My office chair similar to this one retails for more than $900.   My older chair, reasonably ergonomic and durable was $650.

For my teen son, and our first gamer chair, we spent about $150 for this chair.   In 6 months signs of wear were obvious; in a year it looked like it was 5 years old.  It worked fine, and my son didn’t complain (he picked it).  In the year since it has developed more problems, looks like it is 10 years old.  The vinyl is mostly worn in the seat, and the back attachment is broken.  It needs to be replaced.    So it is not a horrible story, but a two year lifespan is not a good one either.  Just know that if you are buying one of these less expensive chairs, the lifespan is limited, which may be just fine for your purposes.

We are going to purchase a chair of better quality next time. We are thinking about a floor-rocker style because it is less moving parts.

X Rocker Pro 51259 H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair, Wireless

Gaming Chair

XRocker Gaming Chair

Manufacturer Description

The X Rocker Pro 51259 H3 4.1 Audio, Wireless Gaming Chair is the perfect choice for hardcore gamers. Play all day in this ergonomically designed chair with vibration, full back support, and a headrest. This video rocker’s durable upholstery grade vinyl wipes clean and stands up to the rigors of intense game play.

This chair sells for about $170.

Click here to read more about this chair at Amazon.


The issue our family will have is that we also need the chair for the PC in the same room.   It is used for both gaming and homework.  That is going to lead us to a different solution. We are looking at the two chairs that follow.

DXRacer Formula Series Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair

DXRacer Gaming Chair

Manufacturer Description Excerpt

The Formula Series is DXRacer’s answer to those seeking affordable luxury. These chairs are well-known to eSports players and their fans. The Formula Series’ high-density cold cure foam filling makes these chairs comfortable for extended use. With a tubular steel frame and a metal star base, as well as comfortable armrests, the Formula Series offers superb stability. Most office chairs have a low back making it impossible to rest your neck. DXRacer has overcome this problem successfully with its range of high back rest in office and gaming chairs.

The DX Racing chairs are priced $300-$350.

Click here to read about this chair at Amazon.

Akracing AK-5015 Nitro Racing Style Gaming Chair

Gaming Chair

AKRacing Nitro Gaming Chair

Manufacturer Description Excerpt

Most often it is the office workers and gamers that are the most vulnerable to various health disorders resulting from bad posture.  The best and most effective option is to offer an ergonomic chair by AKRACING. Prepared with great care and attention to detail ensures quick results.  We know exactly what position the body holds while performing routine duties, so the chair has to be an extension of your spine. The chair resembles the interior of a sports car, and nice and soft material doubles the comfort. Rugged metal construction ensures durability of the chair for many years.

The AK Racing chairs are priced $280-$350

Click here to read more about this chair at Amazon.



On the higher end, are chairs like this one.  Probably more than we will spend in my family, but if you can afford it, these are worth considering.

DXRacer Iron Series Racing Bucket Seat Ergonomic Gaming Chair 

Gaming Chair

DXRacer Iron Series Chair

Manufacturer Description Excerpt

DX Racer Chairs are manufactured to offer our customers the ultimate level of luxury and comfort. Although this chair was originally designed to heighten the gaming experience, it is sure to become your choice for working or relaxation.

Unlike most office chairs the DXRacer chair has a higher backrest to support the entirety of your spinal column, from pelvis to neck. Our chairs offer a stable mettle 5 point base with a gas spring, allowing the user to adjust for varying heights to better meet the needs of office, computer desk or gaming needs.


Price Range: $500-$600.

Click Here to read more about this chair at Amazon

Not quite what  you were looking for,  Click here for a list of gaming chairs on Amazon.

What Size is your Gamer

You need to consider the size of the person using the chair. The chairs have recommended body mass index (BMI) and weigh guidelines.

The DX Formula chair has a recommendation of <200 lbs and a <25 BMI.  Since I sit in it occasionally, (I am 6’ 210), that chair just won’t cut it.  So we will need to go to the next higher rated model, the DX Racer series.  That chair is about $370.  The Amazon page has these limits listed, but I have seen several mistakes as compared to the manufacturers guideline.  You can review the DX buying guide provided by the manufacturer by clicking here.  

The AK Racing chairs have limits from 330-390 lbs. depending on the model. They also have a Large Size Chair for the Big and Tall person.  

Wrapping up

So buying a gaming chair for the teen boy or teen girl in the home isn’t rocket science, but you do need to give it a little thought.  The lower end chair might be just fine, but if your teen uses it a lot, the lower end chair will show its lack of quality and durability rather quickly, and you will have wasted the money.

You can spend a lot of money here, hopefully this will help you spend it more wisely than I did.

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