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This site is a list of Teen Christmas Gift Ideas  created by Teens to help Moms, Dads, Aunts and Uncles with the teen on their shopping list.  When our kids grow to be teen guys and girls, it can be difficult to know what to buy.  By asking Teen Boys and Teen Girls, we hope this site can is helpful in selecting a Christmas gift.

In many cases, these are products our teen boys already have, and are the favorites of the past couple of years.

The affiliate partners we have selected are all first in class online stores with great customer service reputations.  We have been customers of each of our affiliate partners and wouldn’t recommend if our experience was less than great.

The Teen Christmas Gift Selection Team

The Teen Christmas Gift – Dad’s Suggestions

All of the gifts are selected by the Teen Christmas Gift selection team.  Occasionally, Dad will have some additional suggestions.  Maybe a lower priced alternative, or just sharing some insight from having 2 teens boys, and being involved with their friends, in sports and in school.

In most cases, the links are affiliate marketing links, where we get a small commission for the referral, at no cost to you.  Occasionally, we might have a coupon or special deal to offer.

Harry Alexander is the manager of the site.  Harry has 15 years experience managing web sites.  Currently he is in technical leadership of the Retail Bank one of America’s Largest Financial institutions.

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